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Courses run by an experienced tutor in a warm, friendly and supportive environment in South-East London.

Sally Earlam Continuous Professional Development Courses

As a reflexologist of 21 years, a reflexology tutor of 14 years and Head of Training and Education for the Association of Reflexologists, I am delighted to offer several one day training courses in subjects I am both experienced and passionate about. These courses run in small groups in a warm friendly environments to ensure optimum learning and individual support throughout the day.

After attending a training course you will receive YouTube video's of all the practical techniques taught on that day and I offer email support to you after the course.

Coronovirus - important information

All CPD COURSES HAVE BEEN CANCELLED until September. I will obviously extend this date if necessary.

Take care of yourselves and I look forward to seeing you later in the year!

Maternity Booklet Maternity Reflexology and Advanced Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology during the maternity journey aims to optimise the health and wellbeing of the woman and reflexologists should also be there to offer support and advice. These courses have been designed to give you the skills required to gain confidence in treating maternity clients.

Maternity Reflexology gives you the knowledge and confidence to treat pregnant women safely. Once you have completed this course there is now the additional option to undertake the Advanced Maternity Reflexology course which will further your knowledge and qualifies you for the AoR University Credit Rated Advanced Maternity Reflexology Module.

Hot Stone Reflexology Hot Stone Reflexology

If you want to be able to offer your clients a new approach to reflexology that takes relaxation to another level - then consider this course! - the heat will do the work rather than your fingers and thumbs.

Hot stone reflexology is where hot stones are incorporated into a reflexology treatment; using large stones to warm and massage the legs and feet, and smaller stones to work reflex points and deeper reflex areas.

Buddah Mindful Reflexology

Supporting clients through stress, anxiety and depression

This course looks at how we can best support clients who are living with stress, anxiety and depression in terms of offering self-help techniques, exploring the benefits of mindfulness and positive psychology as well as adaptations to our reflexology.

We look at the different physiologies of stress, anxiety and depression and what science is telling us about the benefits of touch. These then lead us to considering adaptations to our reflexology that can be used to help support the body systems in these difficult times.

Reflexology Treatment Reflexology Treatments

I'm afraid that I'm not able to take on any new clients at the moment.

For more information on how you may benefit from Reflexology please visit the treatment page.

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